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Andrews Manor Bed & Breakfast    Wilmington, IL
Apple Valley Motel - Greenway    Mitchell, IL
Baymont Inn    Litchfield, IL
Best Inns of America    Springfield, IL
Best Value Inn - The Gardens Motel    Litchfield, IL
Best Western Camelot Inn    Pontoon Beach, IL
Budgetel Inn    Willowbrook, IL
Carlin Villa    Carlinville, IL
Comfort Inn    Edwardsville, IL
Country Inn    Livingston, IL
Hampton Inn    Countryside, IL
Holiday Inn    Carlinville, IL
Holiday Inn Express    Pontiac, IL
Innkeeper Motel    Hamel, IL
Super 8 Motel    Lincoln, IL
Super 8 Motel    Springfield, IL
Super 8 Motel    Springfield, IL
Super 8 Motel    McLean, IL
Super 8 Motel    Chenoa, IL
Super 8 Motel    Pontiac, IL
Super 8 Motel    Dwight, IL
The Downtowner Motel    Pontiac, IL
The Wishing Well Motel    La Grange, IL
Three Roses Bed & Breakfast    Pontiac, IL
Victoria Tyme Inn Bed & Breakfast    Carlinville, IL

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Country Classic Cars    Staunton, IL
Funks Grove Pure Maple Sirup    Shirley, IL
Hit the Road    Chicago, IL
Niehaus Cycle    Litchfield, IL
Route 66 Drive-In    Springfield, IL

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Angus Baileys    Carlinville, IL
Ariston Cafe    Litchfield, IL
Art`s Restaurant    Farmersville, IL
Chenoa Family Restaurant    Chenoa, IL
Cordani`s in the Gardens    Litchfield, IL
Country Inn Restaurant    Livingston, IL
Cozy Dog Drive In    Springfield, IL
Decamp Junction    Staunton, IL
Dell Rheas Chicken Basket    Willowbrook, IL
Dixie Trucker`s Home    McLean, IL
Dreamland    Wilmington, IL
Earnie`s Restaurant    Hamel, IL
Fedderson`s Pizza Garage    Dwight, IL
FIlling Station Cafe    Lexington, IL
Gardner Haus Inn    Gardner, IL
Guzzardo`s Italian Villa    Lincoln, IL
Itty-Bitty Restaurant    Mitchell, IL
Jubelt Variety Bakery & Restaurant    Litchfield, IL
La Mex    Pontiac, IL
Launching Pad Drive In    Wilmington, IL
Lisa`s Diner    Granite City, IL
Lou Mitchell`s Restaurant & Bakery    Chicago, IL
Luna Cafe    Mitchell, IL
Mrs. Siebold`s Bakery    Granite City, IL
Neruda    Edwardsville, IL
Old Log Cabin    Pontiac, IL
Old Route 66 Family Restaurant    Dwight, IL
Pete`s Restaurant & Pancake House    Dwight, IL
Polk-A-Dot Drive In    Braidwood, IL
Pour Richard`s    Odell, IL
Riviera    Gardner, IL
Route 66 Cafe    Litchfield, IL
The Keg    Joliet, IL
The Pub    Wilmington, IL
The Trucker`s Homestead    Divernon, IL
Tropics Restaurant    Lincoln, IL
White Fence Farm    Lemont, IL
Wishing Well    Odell, IL
Wolf`s Head Inn    Indian Head Park, IL

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